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Whether you are looking for a new puppy or advice on gun dog training techniques and supplies. brings buyers and breeders together. Search for dog breeders and kennel reviews before you purchase your next puppy. You can search for kennels by breed or location.

FREE Breeder Listing! invites all responsible gun dog breeders to sign up and list their kennel information on this site free of charge! In addition to giving your Dog Kennel more exposure on the internet we provide 1 free classified listing where you can upload pictures with litter and pedigree info.

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Dog Separation Anxiety

Dogs can and will develop a fear of being separated from their owner. This can be due to a variety of reasons. Dog separation anxiety can be treated with proper training however so do not get frustrated. Loud noises are a major culprit of causing anxiety in dogs. Music, cars, parties, and things o...
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How To People Train Your Puppy

How To People Train Your Puppy One of the most difficult things to do is punish a cute cuddly dog, especially when it is a puppy. However, people training your dog when it is a little puppy is one of the most important things you can do. Training them when they are young will give them the time t...
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